The Republican Governors Association is going after Democrats John Gregg and Glenda Ritz for “being silent” on energy regulations which they say would harm Indiana.

Governor Mike Pence said he would not comply with new proposed EPA standards to limit emissions from coal-fired facilities, saying they would hurt Indiana’s economy .  The Governor says the new rules, scheduled to be released in August, should be rewritten.

RGA spokesman Jon Thompson released the following statement…

“While Governor Mike Pence is standing up to the Federal Government’s overreach, Democrats John Gregg and Glenda Ritz have remained dangerously silent on President Obama’s new EPA regulations that would destroy Indiana jobs, raise energy costs and shift regulations from Indiana to the Federal Government. Hoosier voters have a right to know if Gregg and Ritz stand with them or extreme environmentalist special interests.”

To date Gregg, who has worked for the coal industry,  has not commented in his social media, however in the past he has stated he believes in climate change and supports alternative forms of energy.  Ritz has been out of the country traveling.