The head of the First Church of Cannabis says they will not “light up” at their inaugural service this Wednesday.

In a Facebook message to supporters, Bill Levin says threat of criminal prosecution will keep them from smoking marijuana, however he clearly opens the door to a civil challenge of the state’s marijuana statute.

Due to the threat of police action against our religion I feel it is important to CELEBRATE LIFE’S GREAT ADVENTURE in our first service WITHOUT THE USE OF CANNABIS. The Police dept has wagged a display of shameless misconceptions and voluntary ignorance. We will do our first service without the use of any cannabis. CANNABIS WILL BE PROHIBITED ON THE FIRST SERVICE.

We will not be dragged into criminal court for their advantage. We will meet them in a civil court where the laws are clear about religious persecution. We do not start fights. We Finish Them!

One Love!

This past Friday Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and IMPD Police Chief Rick Hite threatened to arrest and prosecute anyone who possessed marijuana at the service and even those who attended could be charged with contributing to a nuisance.

Levin created his church out a loophole in the state’s RFRA law, which mandated the government demonstrate a compelling state interest before clamping down on religious liberty.