Democrat Glenda Ritz’s gubernatorial campaign is admitting to “inadvertent errors” when it comes to its most recent finance report.

Ritz reported raising more than $8,000 between January 6 and April 28 this year, that would be in violation of state law which prohibits state officeholders from fundraising while lawmakers are in session.

The Ritz team released the following statement…

After reviewing its most recent campaign finance report, the Ritz campaign discovered inadvertent errors.  The report has been amended to address those errors and has been filed with the Indiana Elections Division.  

 The amended report makes several corrections to ensure full compliance with Indiana’s campaign finance law.  For example, the date of twenty one contributions now reflects the date of possession, rather than the date of deposit.  This amendment makes clear that these contributions were made outside of the blackout period.  

 Additionally, unsolicited contributions were received.  While a number of these unsolicited contributions were refunded prior to the report, three contributions totaling roughly $900 were inadvertently deposited.  These contributions have now been refunded by the campaign.  

 Finally, a new treasurer has joined the Ritz for Governor team.  We look forward to continuing to fully comply with all reporting requirements. 

Although no formal complaint has been filed, if the Election Board  finds Ritz violated campaign finance law should be fined more than $16,000.