A measure being backed by the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) is pitting pro-second amendment lawmakers against each other at the Indiana Statehouse.

NAGR is supporting an effort by State Rep. Curt Nisly to amend SB 119 to allow for “Constitutional Carry” which would basically eliminate any fees for any permits to carry a firearm.  Currently, the bill would allow firearms at schools and churches under limited circumstances.

Nisly posted the following statement on his Facebook page late last week, “We have been talking about Constitutional Carry for more than five years.  We have held hearings and summer study committees. In the meantime, other states including our neighbor Kentucky have adopted Constitutional Carry. It’s time for a vote in the Indiana House, so I will offer a floor amendment to SB 119 to get this done.”

However, opponents of the measure, like State Rep. Jim Lucas say eliminating the fees would have a fiscal impact on the state and it would have to go through Ways & Means if amended and SB 119 supporters don’t think there’s enough time left in the session for it to get a hearing and the bill would die.

He went further to question Nisly’s motives for introducing the bill, “…if this is truly designed to actually get [Constitutional Carry] passed, it won’t work and anyone that knows the legislative process knows this. However, if it’s simply designed to get a “vote” to be used as a fundraising tool, then this would be a great tool. However, that also includes deception and betrayal of those that are actually working to get CC passed.

Back in 2017, when NAGR went after House Speaker Brian Bosma.   They accused him of being in the pocket of gun control proponent Michael Bloomberg and blocking constitutional carry legislation.