A road funding plan unveiled today by Senate Republican leader Brandt Hershman could send nearly $420 million in local coffers.

The proposal would split the $418 million between cities and counties with about $172 million going to counties while nearly $247 million would go to cities and towns.

The money would come from a surplus in the local road trust fund.

Nearly $50 million would be spent in Marion County.

“Hoosiers will benefit from a historic opportunity to invest in local road improvements, which local governments around the state have identified as a top priority,” Hershman said. “This plan provides substantial local road resources now, without tapping into Indiana’s budget reserves, raising taxes, or creating debt.”

The Governor’s office issues a statement supporting the proposal.

I strongly support Senator Hershman’s plan to help communities fund infrastructure improvements and I commend his leadership,” Governor Pence said. “Our teams have been working closely on this plan to provide funding at the local level without raising taxes. I will be including this initiative as part of my legislative agenda for the upcoming session and look forward to its passage along with the 21st Century Crossroads plan that Senator Yoder will be authoring.”