by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

I don’t know what it is but every time I go to Chicago to be an attorney something happens here in Indy and the words “Just” and “In” are involved.

Last time is it was “JustIN the website.  This time it’s Justin Moed, the State Representative from Indianapolis.

As you probably know by now, Moed is involved in a sexting scandal with a woman from Evansville who goes by the name of “Sydney Leathers”. She was the same woman who brought down (pardon the pun) New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.  (I still giggle at this last name).

Moed issued an apology and said he is working to rebuild trust with his family and community.

However, as we go forward, let’s keep a few things in perspective.

Was Moed stupid for being a public official and sexting?  Especially in the 21st Century?  Of course, but he didn’t break any laws.  He was never preaching one thing and doing something else.   And there is nothing to show that he and Leathers weren’t consenting adults.  And  he was a single guy.

I won’t cast judgment on Moed because we all have skeletons in our closets, luckily mine are the “Pirates of the Caribbean” type with swords and shields who fight back.

If anything, Moed is guilty of bad judgment and his constituents will have to decide if they want him to stay or go.  Frankly, I don’t think most normal people will care.  Single guys, which I used to be one, do a lot of things that the rest of us wouldn’t do, especially when we let the little head do the thinking for the bigger one.

If Moed is smart, he will lay low for a while and rebuild his reputation.  I don’t think this is worth resigning over unless it becomes abundantly clear that he can’t do his job.

And if Indiana lawmakers want to worry about anything, they should be worried about my next trip to the Windy City to take care of some other legal work, seeing how that’s when these things tend to happen.