Indiana Democrats say Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Young does not have enough signatures to qualify for the May primary and they are mounting a challenge to have him removed from the ballot.

At a news conference this morning, State Chairman John Zody said Young was three signatures short in the 1st Congressional District of the 500 necessary to qualify to be on the ballot.

State law requires 500 signatures from each Congressional District to qualify for ballot access.

You can hear Zody in the Leon-Tailored Audio above, it runs about nine minutes.

Young campaign spokesman Trevor Foughty accused the Democrats of playing politics and said they had more than enough signatures needed for ballot access rules.  He released the following statement…

  • “Indiana Democrats know they can’t beat Todd Young in an election, so they are making a desperate attempt to keep him off the ballot by disenfranchising the Hoosier voters who put him there. It won’t work.   Our campaign turned in nearly 650 signatures in the 1st District. County clerks and the Indiana Election Commission verified we had the requisite number of validated signatures before we ever filed the ballot paperwork. We believe the actual number of valid signatures there is even higher than was verified.    We are confident that at the end of this process, the Election Commission will reject the blatantly political gamesmanship of the Indiana Democrat Party. Todd Young will not only be on the ballot in May, but will be the Republican nominee and ultimately Indiana’s next U.S. Senator.”

The Election Commission has scheduled for February 19.