There’s going to be quite a bit to watch in the next 24-72 hours regarding Indiana politics.

  • The State Board of Education will convene a special meeting on Friday at 9 a.m.  You can find a copy of the agenda hereThere is no direct item per se addressing the length of the ISTEP test, however there is a resolution that would virtually suspend most of the state’s accountability provisions.  This is all taking place against a backdrop where the Department of Education fired back today at Governor Mike Pence, as reported in Chalkbeat Indiana.   The Governor has a media event at the Statehouse tomorrow morning so his reaction will be interesting.   Also a growing number of Indiana lawmakers feel that the DOE is not only telling them to pound sand but has manufactured this crisis in order to roll back accountability and this may motivate them to retaliate.  Meanwhile State Board of Education member Brad Oliver has posted links to the DOE’s website where he asks how long the new ISTEP exam will take.   It’s video clip 2 at 1:33:00.
  • And there’s also a hearing at 9 a.m. in the House Public Policy Committee over Sunday alcohol sales.  An amendment has been offered by Chairman Tom Dermody which would allow for Sunday sales but increase regulations on grocery and retail stores such as licensing for clerks, spirits could only be sold in a segregated area and there would be a longer checkout time for customers.  Sunday Sales proponents say the legislation would cost Hoosier businesses $100 million.