As Indiana lawmakers prepare to take up school counseling as part of a summer study committee, the head of the Indiana School Counselors Association has a few suggestions on how things can improve.

Lawmakers plan to review whether there is enough funding for school career counselors, as well as the impact of how multiple graduation and career pathways are impacting their workloads.

School Counselor Association President Alan Hill tells Indy Politics that while there are an estimated 2,000 counselors in the state, the ratio of students to counselors is nearly twice the national average of 470 to 1 as opposed to 250 to 1.

In addition, Hill says many counselors spend a lot of time doing administrative work that has nothing to do with counseling and they have to deal with issues students are facing which didn’t exist a decade ago such as cyberbullying.

You can hear Hill in the Leon-Tailored audio above.  It runs for about 18 minutes.