A member of the State Board of Education is offering up a proposal to help address Indiana’s current teacher shortage problem.

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, Indiana has seen about a 90 percent drop in new teacher licenses in the past few years.

Board of Education member Gordron Hendry is offering a plan that will offer scholarships to students who would seek careers in teaching for at least four years.

Students who did not have teach for four years would have to pay back part of the scholarship.

In addition, students who agree to teach in “D” or “F” schools would be eligible for annual bonuses of  $7,500 and the program would be overseen by the Indiana Commission of Higher Education.

Hendry says the program would cost about $4.5 million annually and cover about 500 students.

You can hear his comments in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs about 12 minutes.