Although it may sound familiar to some, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has unveiled his 100-day public safety plan which he says will bring all segments of the public safety community together to take a fresh, comprehensive approach to battling crime.

The program calls for the following…

  • Returning to a more traditional community policing and reassigning more officers to the city’s troubled spots.
  • More collaboration between state, local and federal law enforcement.
  • More aggressive pursuit of the more 1,400 individuals with outstanding felony warrants.
  • Use of more real-time crime data.
  • Increased community outreach, including the hiring a full-time employee to tackle the issues of poverty and hunger.

You can hear Hogsett spell out his plan in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It is in two parts.  In part one, he outlines the proposal.  In part two he takes questions from the media including whether some areas of the city might see fewer officers as they reassign more police to the city’s troubled spots and how the city can combat the “anti-snitching” culture in some segments of the community.