Should the right to hunt and fish be enshrined in the State Constitution along with free speech and freedom of religion?

In addition to choosing state and federal offices, Hoosiers will also vote on whether the right to hunt and fish should be in the constitution.

Supporters say it’s necessary to protect hunting and fishing from extreme animal rights activists, opponents say the law is unnecessary because the rights of hunters and fishermen are already protected.

The text of the amendment is as follows…


Public Question #1Shall the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended by adding a Section 39 to Article 1 to provide that the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife shall be forever preserved for the public good, subject only to the laws prescribed by the General Assembly and rules prescribed by virtue of the authority of the General Assembly to:

(1) promote wildlife conservation and management; and
(2) preserve the future of hunting and fishing


Indy Politics takes a look at both sides of the debate.  We speak to amendment supporter, State Senator Jim Tomes of Wadesville and Tim Maloney of the Hoosier Environmental Council.

Each Leon-Tailored segment lasts about eight minutes.