Trish Whitcomb is withdrawing from the race for State Democratic Chair.

Whitcomb is quitting the race due to the unexpected loss of her son.  She released the following statement today.

“It is with deep sorrow that I announce I am withdrawing my candidacy for State Democratic Party Chair. I experienced an unimaginable loss on Sunday when my son died unexpectedly. As any parent can imagine, there is no way I can continue my candidacy to become the next leader of the State Democratic Party, she stated.”  “I will continue to work with the party in the future to ensure we have strong candidates and campaigns in any capacity that I can.  I appreciate the opportunity to run and wish the next Chair all the best.”

Also withdrawing is Vice-Chair candidate Luke Bohm.

Whitcomb’s departure leaves Mike Schmuhl, the former campaign manager for Pete for America, and Democrat Tom Wallace who ran against State Senator Rod Bray last cycle in the race.

s the only candidate in the race.

Whitcomb is the daughter of former Indiana Governor Edgar Whitcomb, who served as the state’s leader from 1969-1973.

She is also the former Executive Director of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and was the former President of the Indiana Federation of Democratic Women