Former Marion Common Council President Joselyn Whitticker Monday officially filed paperwork to seek the Democratic nomination for Indiana Auditor of State.

Whitticker says plans to focus on restoring trust and transparency to the Auditor’s office.

“Hoosier taxpayers deserve a real watchdog,” said Whitticker. “Hoosiers have lost faith that their government represents their best interests. I’m running because I believe we can restore that trust through accountability and transparency.”

She cited the potential conflicts one-party control of state government, including the Auditor’s office, could create for taxpayers as a reason for running and noted her intention to run an inclusive campaign.

“Every Hoosier deserves a seat at the table,” said Whitticker. “Some communities are feeling invisible and taken for granted. I intend to make this campaign about empowering them by engaging Hoosiers across the state on the issues.”

After filing her candidacy, Whitticker must next be nominated by a majority of delegates at the Indiana Democratic Party’s State Convention.

You can hear her entire comments in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  They run about seven minutes.