by Ali Brown

I am running because I believe in good government, building up our communities, and protecting the most vulnerable, and the current councilor and those prior to him, haven’t done any of these things. I want to go to the City-County Building to lift families up and be their voice.

As a small business owner and non-profit executive, I’ve learned how to take a community-based approach to problem solving. As a community activist, I’ve learned how to accomplish seemingly impossible goals using the power of people and their stories. And as a mom, I’ve learned how to focus on what’s most important and do my best to protect it.

As we aim to curb violent crime, public safety has to be the first priority for our city. We need to be open to new strategies that are proactive and focus on the core issues. Policing isn’t the only solution, but we must continue to make sure our officers are properly equipped and supported by our city.

Our city should be attracting employers that foster inclusive growth for our city. We must invest in job readiness programs while focusing on removing the small barriers to employment that stop people from finding success in the work force.

It is unacceptable that Northeast Indianapolis is not connected to IndyGo. I will be a strong advocate for route expansion into Lawrence, Oaklandon and Geist. I will also fight for express routes from our community directly into downtown Indianapolis and to the far westside where there are so many logistics jobs.

Indianapolis has some of the highest childcare costs in the country. We need a solution so that parents have reliable, safe childcare options and are able to work hard and move their families forward. We’re losing out on large portions of our potential workforce when families don’t have access to childcare.

My promise to you is that if you elect me to be your next City-County Councilor, I will be a strong voice for our corner of Indianapolis. Let’s work together to make this city better for everyone. It’s time we stand tall and take back our local government.

Ali Brown is  a candidate for Indy Council District 5.