We’ve been asked lately if there will be any independent media polling in the upcoming Mayor’s race here in Indianapolis?

We don’t know about the other media outlets in town, but we can tell you we are.

We’ve put together the financial resources to do hopefully the first of two polls this Fall.  We’ll be looking at the Mayor, City-County Council, as well as a few other areas and issues here in the Circle City.

We’re working with the same company who conducted our U.S. Senate poll back in 2018.*  Our plan is to go out in the field this weekend and start making the relevant results public in two weeks.

Stay tuned.  By the way, if you’re a Cheat Sheet subscriber, you might get an early sneak peek before the rest of the public.

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*The polling company we used was Mason Strategies, LLC.  And when you factor in the MOE, they called the Donnelly-Braun race right on the money.