Indiana RNC Committeewoman Marsha Coats is calling on her fellow Republicans to unify behind their party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

Coats said that if the GOP did not support Trump, then they opened the door to four more years of Democratic control in Washington.

Coats released the following statement this afternoon…

Who has the toughest job in the political arena in this unpredictable election year? It has to be Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). As Reince likes to remind Republicans, “Unity makes the impossible…possible. Division makes the possible…impossible.” 
I have the privilege of serving as Indiana’s National Committeewoman to the RNC, and in my role I have observed up close the inner workings of the Republican Party. The purpose of the RNC is to elect a Republican to the White House by establishing strong ground games in every state and territory. This has been done in spades with dramatic technological advances in voter registration, voter identification and tremendously successful fundraising. All of these efforts benefit not only the Republican presidential candidate but also the entire Republican ticket.
It is clear that today the Republican Party is in as strong a position as we have ever been. Pair all of the RNC’s preliminary work with our struggling economy, President Obama’s unpopularity, and the Democrats’ dilemma choosing between a scandal-ridden Clinton or an avowed socialist Sanders, and it should be easy sailing for Republicans. That is, unless we shoot ourselves in the foot.
I fear if we do not unite to support Donald Trump, we will again open the door for at least another four years of Washington implementing a left-wing agenda. Conservatives stand to lose not only the White House and control of the executive agencies but also the Supreme Court.
As a conservative, pro-life, evangelical, female Republican, I understand the conflict many in our party feel about supporting Donald Trump. Trump was not my first or even my second choice. He is not a humble man, but he is the choice of Republican voters all over the country, and many Democrats too. The people have not only spoken, they have roared! We are a democracy still.
God can use imperfect people. Indeed, that is all He has to work with. I truly believe the office will change Donald Trump. I believe it will humble him. And,I think even Donald will be impelled to turn to God for guidance.
Ultimately, elections are about a choice. We know with certainty what Hillary offers: a liberal social agenda, more government intrusion, and more out-of-control spending. We have been traveling down that failed path for the last eight years.
Given this reality, I believe our party needs to give Donald Trump a chance. He has pledged to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices and restart our struggling national economy.
With so much at stake, now is the time to unite as a party and give Donald Trump the opportunity to prove himself.