Curtis Hill

The courage to lead and the responsibility to protect.

I have spoken those words many times on the campaign trail since I first announced my intention to seek the Republican nomination for Attorney General in December. But those words are more than a slogan to me. I was raised by a mother and father who met obstacles with courage, confidence and class. They taught me about responsibility to my family and to my community. And together they defined why I want to be Indiana’s next Attorney General.

I am running for Attorney General because I care deeply about the future of my family and the future of Indiana. While Indiana remains a wonderful place to call home, we still face many challenges.

Our federal government continues to burden us with overreaching rules and directives that suggest that government knows what’s “best for us.” Therefore, we need an Attorney General who fully commits to defending our state’s rights against an overreaching federal government. And that takes courage. It’s not easy to take the political arrows that come as a result of telling the federal government, ‘no,’ when they infringe on our Second Amendment rights or our property rights or try to regulate the use of bathrooms in our communities. But when the Constitution and the rule of law are on your side, the only option is to have the courage to stand up and say, “Enough is enough!” Indiana comes first, always.

Violent crime and substance-abuse are destroying the futures of so many Hoosiers and high-tech, online predators continue to prey on our most vulnerable citizens. Fighting this fight requires an Attorney General who has been on the front lines working to protect Hoosiers against frauds, scams, drugs and violent crime.

As the elected prosecutor of Elkhart County, I have seen it all and have led the charge to fight it all. I have tried and convicted hundreds of cases, held the hands of victims and their families, and I have felt their pain. I have witnessed thousands of young men and women throw their lives away in the quest for drugs and violence. I have held criminals accountable, while fighting to keep my community safe, because I know that you can’t be truly free unless you feel truly safe.

Hoosiers living today and those generations yet to come should live with the peace of mind knowing their communities are safe and their futures secure and that’s what I will work on every day as your Attorney General.

While my focus now is to secure our party’s nomination for Attorney General, the moment I am nominated as your candidate for Attorney General my dual focus will be on my campaign and the campaigns of my fellow Republicans. It is of vital importance that candidates supporting conservative principles and solid ideas are elected in the fall.  We are a team. A team that will consistently apply conservative principles to finding solutions that will lead to Hoosiers feeling more secure in their freedom and in their opportunities. I will work hard to support our Republican team on all fronts because Indiana is much better off with Republican principles leading the way.

Indiana deserves an Attorney General with an unwavering commitment to freedom and the Republican Party deserves a nominee dedicated to energizing the team to win in November. You can count on me on both fronts. I won’t let you down.


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