Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg and his running mate State Representative Christina Hale are unveiling a job creation plan they say will help close the state’s skills gap, lead to higher paying jobs and improve Indiana’s image.

Gregg says his plan would improve the state’s workforce, establish pre-K, repeal RFRA and help grow small businesses.

You can hear both him and Hale in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  Part one is the announcement, part two is questions from the media.

Mike Pence Deputy campaign manager Marc Lotter released the following statement…

“While John Gregg belittles Indiana’s success and is late to the game with a “plan,” Governor Mike Pence has a plan that is already working for Indiana. Today Governor Pence joined yet another high-tech company to announce they are investing and creating jobs in our state. The facts are clear – more Hoosiers are working than ever before and it is because of announcements from today and previously by companies such as: Salesforce, Amazon, General Motors, Subaru, and many more that Hoosiers will continue Indiana’s growth and success under Governor Mike Pence.”