Despite calls by some Indiana lawmakers for a special session on the impact of COVID-19, House Speaker Todd Huston doesn’t think it would be very productive at this time.

A handful of lawmakers have expressed concerns about the Governor’s authority and Executive orders regarding the coronavirus which have compelled some businesses to close.  They say they worry that some of these businesses may never recover and they want the legislature to have more input on these decisions.

Huston told Indy Politics that the Governor is in constant contact with his caucus’ concerns and has always been willing to listen.

In addition, Huston says there are several logistical issues that would be taken into account such as how to maintain social distancing and some older lawmakers would be in the demographic more likely to contract COVID-19.

You can hear Huston in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  He also talks about the impact COVID-19 is having on state and local budgets and what Indiana may look like once the pandemic has subsided.