Indiana Democrats are attacking Governor Mike Pence, saying his assessment of the state’s economy is based on “fuzzy math”.

In a news release issued this week, State Democratic Chairman John Zody said that despite the Governor’s positive pronouncements about the Indiana economy, the state ranks 44th in the nation on economic growth and Hoosiers only make 86 cents for every dollar the average American makes.   They also said Indiana ranks near the bottom with other economic indicators such as household income and quality of life.

State GOP Chairman Jeff Cardwell responded with the following…

“Indiana’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.1 percent and over 100,000 private sector jobs have been created since Gov. Mike Pence took office.   While Democrats seem focused on negatively attacking our state and hardworking Hoosiers, Republican leaders are working hard to keep Indiana’s business climate a hub for growth and opportunity. In fact, Indiana just ranked No. 1 for cost of doing business on CNBC’s ‘America’s Top States for Business’ scorecard. It’s going to take more than misguided claims about ‘fuzzy math’ to hide Indiana’s strong track record including our AAA credit rating, balanced state budget, strong reserves and proven business friendly environment.”