Adolph Hitler was a great leader and Anne Frank would not have been as popular had she survived the Holocaust.

Those are quotes attributed to John Brockman Crane, candidate for the Indiana Senate in District 24 which is comprised of Hendricks and Putnam Counties.

He is challenging incumbent Pete Miller.

Crane is affiliated with the Indiana Family Institute and is running in part because of Miller’s opposition to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

However, Crane also authors a blog, The Daily Detour,  And that is where his controversial remarks regarding Hitler and the Holocaust can be found as well as remarks that could be considered racially offensive or insensitive to Asians and Haitians.

A review of his website and YouTube postings found the following remarks.

“Hitler was a great leader, but not a good leader.”  – January 2008.

“I think that the fact that she died in a concentration camp gives it [The Diary of Anne Frank] more gravitas – even more than if she had survived.”  – December 9, 2014.

“So, what you see here is the best make-shift cast that duct tape can buy.  Yours Truly applied my extensive knowledge and experience growing up in the Crane concentration camp to make a temporary cast out of cardboard and duct tape.”  – November 2008

“Later that night Jean and I went out for a date.  The only restaurant we could find that was actually open was a small Chinese joint.  It reminded me of that infamous scene near the end of A Christmas Story – ‘fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.” – December 2008

“Perhaps hidden among the rubble of the Haitian earthquake is a different kind of potentially earth-shattering upset in Massachusetts.  Today is the special election between Democrat candidate Martha Coakley and Republican challenger Scott Brown.” – January 2010.

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