Indianapolis City-County Councilors would see their base pay more than doubled under a proposal being introduced at Monday night’s meeting.

Currently councilors make a base salary of about $11,400 annually, which is 12 percent of the Mayor’s salary as set by ordinance.  Councilors also receive additional pay based on the number of committees they serve on.

Under Proposal 446,  the Councilors’ base pay would increase to $25,000, more than double.

Last year a proposal was introduced that would have increased the Mayor’s pay by $30,000 and the Council by $4,000, however that proposal amended to exclude the incoming Mayor and the outgoing Mayor Greg Ballard vetoed the proposal.

You can read the current ordinance here.

Under current law, any pay raise could not go into effect until the following year.

The ordinance authors are Democrats Monroe Gray and Zach Adamson.

In the past, supporters of the measure have argued the Council’s pay has not been adjusted since 2002.  Opponents have argued it is not fair for the Council to get a raise when many city employees have not.

Using the consumer price index, when adjusted for inflation, the Council’s base pay would about $15,300 annually.