Despite the fact that he will face a primary challenge next year, Republican State Senator and Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley says he will run for another term.

Hamilton County businessman Scott Willis announced this week he would run for the seat in District 20.

In a statement Kenley said…

“I have always been committed to making sure our state budget supports our priorities such as road funding, K-12 and higher education, and economic development and job creation, and that commitment will never waiver.  any elected officials tend to forget that every tax dollar our state spends was first earned by a hard-working Hoosier, and government should not take one penny more than is necessary to provide essential services. It is our responsibility as public servants to ensure those dollars are spent as efficiently as possible so we deliver the very best services at the lowest cost. Hoosiers deserve nothing less.”

Kenley was first elected in 1992.

He touted amongst his list of accomplishments authoring property tax caps, a change in the school funding formula that resulted in more dollars for suburban schools, welfare reform and the elimination of the state inheritance tax.