Indy Politics talks to Indiana Congressman Luke Messer (6th CD) about Pope Francis’ address to a joint session of Congress.

You can hear the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs 15 minutes.

Other Indiana lawmakers also offered their responses to the Holy Father’s visit…

Jackie Walorski – 2nd CD

  • “On behalf of all Hoosiers in the Second District, it was a great honor to welcome Pope Francis to Congress. Today’s historic address for those in attendance in our nation’s capital will surely be a memory they will cherish forever.”

Todd Rokita – 4th CD

  • “The Pope’s message inspires me to help continue leading a thoughtful conversation on a few of the Judeo-Christian characteristics of our collective moral code.  Serving others is a major aspect of our American Exceptionalism and is only possible because of the free market.  Economic freedom, invigorated by the spirit of competition and innovation are what increases our standard of living. These are gifts that we can continue to use to lift the impoverished and the least among us.  I appreciate the Pope’s acknowledgment of the nobility of business.  I believe we should continue to openly embrace free enterprise as the best engine ever devised to raise the condition of all men,”

Susan Brooks – 5th CD

  • “Pope Francis’ address reinforces our shared goal of putting people first so that they have the means to achieve success. I’m honored to be part of this historic day as a Member of Congress and a Catholic, and welcome Pope Francis to the United States.  I was pleased to hear him speak about the qualities of strong leadership, the need for global solutions to meet current challenges, especially those presented by violence and hatred, the importance of an enterprising and modern economy, and the critical role the family plays as a foundation for our country. I was particularly struck by his challenge to us as elected representatives to work towards the common good. These are important messages for my colleagues and me in Congress as we look for ways to resolve and address the big issues facing the nation.”