The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is implementing a new police beat system which it hopes will reduce crime and increase trust between law enforcement and certain segments of the community.

The current configuration of beats includes 33 zones citywide. The new plan will add 19 new beats across IMPD’s jurisdiction. Fifteen of the areas were selected by District Commanders to concentrate resources based upon crime/quality of life data. There will also be four entertainment zones:  Broad Ripple (North District); Fountain Square (Southeast District); Mass Ave. Corridor (Downtown District); and the South Meridian Corridor (Downtown District). The six previous Focus Areas will now be comprised of eight beats.

Indy Politics talks to IMPD Police Chief Troy Riggs to get more information about the new police structure.  We also have reaction from Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Point Coalition.

You can hear them both in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.