U.S Representative Todd Rokita, former Indiana Secretary of State, officially entered the campaign for United States Senate.

Rokita, tying his campaign to President Donald Trump, said his goal was to defeat incumbent Joe Donnelly as well as the “elites” in Washington and the media.

“Hoosiers want a commonsense Senator willing to take on tough fights.  Hoosiers want a conservative Senator who shares our values and works with President Trump and Vice President Pence to turn the country around. Hoosiers want a Senator who votes the interests of Hoosiers, not the Washington elite.  We don’t have that in Joe Donnelly, and too much is at stake to accept it.  That’s why I am announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate.”

The Donnelly team fired back at Rokita using some of his own words praising the incumbent.

“As Congressman Rokita has said, we need hard workers representing our state in the Senate. Joe Donnelly has built his career on reaching across the aisle to find the best solutions for Hoosiers, and he’s worked every single day to strengthen his connection to the people he represents. He spends as much time as he can back home in Indiana when the Senate’s not in session because there’s no substitute for hearing Hoosiers’ concerns firsthand. This race will come down to whomever has a strong connection to Indiana—we’ve been glad to see that both Congressman Rokita and ourselves feel that Joe Donnelly is that candidate, and we appreciate his praise.”

Rokita is the seventh Republican to get in the race including fellow Congressman Luke Messer and State Representative Mike Braun.

You can hear the announcement in full in the Leon-Tailored audio above.

Photo: Eric Berman, WIBC