Normally at this time of year, we do an obligatory blog post of the top 10 political stories of the year.   

Obviously, there was a lot to pick from, this year’s municipal elections, the Curtis Hill controversy, House Speaker Brian Bosma announcing his retirement,  the deaths of former U.S. Senators Richard Lugar and Birch Bayh, etc.

However, this year, we’re doing things a little differently and going back and looking at the top 10 stories/posts of 2019 based on your clicks. 

Here’s what we discovered using our Google analytics.

  1. Brishon Bond, a 45-year old Marion County political and community activist, has been arrested on numerous burglary and theft charges.  (April 21)
  2. With a week to go before the Mayoral election, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is on the receiving end of a lawsuit alleging sexual battery and harassment.  (October 29)
  3. I’ve always believed that if you’re going to preach tolerance to others, you should remember it’s a two-way street with multiple lanes.  That lesson was apparently lost of some of the organizers and supporters of this weekend’s Indy Pride march in downtown Indianapolis. (June 9)
  4. As you may be aware, on Tuesday, thousands of teachers are planning to rally at the Statehouse to express their displeasure over issues such as teacher pay, testing, and new professional licensing requirements.  While I respect and encourage anyone who was a grievance with their government to peacefully protest and make their voices heard, it helps that when they do show up they are armed with the facts. (November 18)
  5. Last Friday the 13th was not a very lucky day for State of Indiana government, as hemp proponents scored a victory in federal court overturning a rule restricting the use of the plant.  (September 16)
  6. As South Bend Mayor and Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg tries to win over voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, a poll of likely voters here in Marion County, a Democratic stronghold, shows nearly 60 percent of them either view him unfavorably or have no opinion of him.  (August 18)
  7. Although you won’t find marijuana roadblocks along the Indiana/Illinois border, State Police are reminding citizens who may head across the border to buy legal pot, weed is still illegal in the Hoosier state.  (June 3)
  8. With less than a week to go before their first public debate, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is enjoying a comfortable lead over his main challenger, Republican Jim Merritt.  (August 23)
  9. A Bloomington woman whose son was scheduled for release from a  Venezuelan prison back in November says he has not been let go and she believes he is being held hostage by the Maduro government.  (March 20)
  10. The  Adjutant General of the Indiana National Guard is being sued by a government contractor for defamation and retaliation claiming he went after her for reporting a sexual affair.  (August 8)

For the record, those posts combined received nearly 40,000 clicks.   

Happy New Year