An audit by Indiana State Police (ISP) has found of the more than 5,300 sexual assault kits in police custody, nearly half have gone untested.

State Senator Mike Crider (R-Greenfield) sponsored legislation calling for the audit,

The audit found 5,396 kits in the custody of law enforcement. Of these:

  • 416 were attributed to non-reporting or “Jane Doe” kits, which law enforcement cannot test without the permission of the victim;
  • 1,669 were identified as no-crime or false-report kits, which are held in the event a false reporting case needs to be made or until the statute of limitations expires; and
  • 751 were attributed to adjudicated cases, which are held in case of appeal or expiration of a statute of limitations on a related non-charged crime.

With those kits removed from the total, state police found a “net” of 2,560 untested kits for which the reason the kit remains untested is not immediately clear.

Both Crider, and Tracy Horth Kruger of the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault both say, now that the state has the information it can address why there is a backlog and how best to address it so victims can geet justice.

You can hear them both in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  Each segment runs about seven minutes.