Although financial reports won’t be out for a few more days,  Eric Holcomb and John Gregg have been somewhat competitive when it came to large contributions for the month of September.

As of Friday here is what the candidates collected in contributions above $10,000.  We also list contributions for the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as Attorney General.


  • Eric Holcomb – $1.229 million
  • John Gregg – $1.129 million
  • Rex Bell – No large contributions reported.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Glenda Ritz – $12,000
  • Jennifer McCormick – No large contributions reported.

Attorney General

  • Curtis Hill – $425,000
  • Lorenzo Arredondo – No large contributions reported.

A couple items worth a mention in the Holcomb-Gregg race, both got help from the national Governor’s Associations.  Gregg received $400,000 from the DGA, while the RGA gave Holcomb $500,000.

Gregg also got a transfer from his running mate’s, Christina Hale’s campaign in the amount of $200,000 and he got another $300,000 from the National Education Association.

Holcomb is expected to have had an additional $800,000 dropped into his account this past Friday.