A survey of Indiana teachers and educators shows 70-percent of them support mandatory cursive teaching.

The survey was conducted by the Indiana Department of Education to more than 3800 teachers, educators, and administrators from across the state.

It showed 70 percent supported a cursive writing requirement, 10 percent opposed and 20 percent were indifferent.   The survey also showed only 20 percent of educators were only teaching cursive writing.

State Senator Jean Leising, authored the legislation which required the survey.  She’s been pushing cursive writing for six years and while the bill has passed the Senate, it never got a hearing in the House.

“Given the results of this survey, I plan to file a bill during the 2018 legislative session that would require cursive writing to be taught in school,” Leising said. “Cursive writing is a skill everyone should have, as we use our signature to make purchases, validate our driver’s license and sign agreements. I hope the results of this survey will help my bill finally get a hearing in the House of Representatives.”

You can read the survey results here.