Marion County GOP Chairman Mike McQuilllen says he will not run for re-election to the post.  McQuillen sent out a letter this morning.   The two names mentioned as replacements include State Senator Jim Merritt and former State GOP Executive Director David Buskill.


Dear friend,

It’s been an honor to serve as your Marion County Republican Party Chairman.  
As we approach the re-organization of our county central committee in early March, I want to express my thanks and inform you that I will not seek a full term as county chair.  I believe that there is much work to do in my role as Minority Leader of the City-County Council, working with our Republican councillors to move the needle on thoughtful policy, hold the Mayor accountable to the people, and prepare for 2019.

Jennifer Ping asked me to serve as her vice chair about a year ago, and when she was forced by Mayor Hogsett to step down in the middle of this historic election year, I felt a duty to you and to our party to step forward and provide continuity of leadership.  While this is not a post I sought, it is a post I honor and have worked to serve well.  After all, I did become a precinct committeeman on my 18th birthday.

I have an abiding faith in the future of Republican principles and Republican candidates in Indiana’s capital city.  We can win here, and we will win here.  Our brand of leadership – conservative, solutions-oriented, forward-thinking, inclusive – is the best model of governance.  

Soon, members of the organization will receive notice of the county party re-organization, which happens every four years, in accordance with state statute and the rules of the Indiana Republican Party.  

I am confident that we will see thoughtful, skilled leaders step forward to lead our organization toward victory in 2018, 2019, and beyond.

To the central committee, township chairs, organization members, volunteers, donors, supporters, and friends, thank you for the honor of serving as your chairman.