Here are a few items that might be worth a mention or two…

Americans for Prosperity is launching a media campaign against Joe Donnelly over his vote against the Trump tax plan.  The digital and TV ads against the Democrat are part of a larger $4 million campaign targeting Donnelly and Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill.   “Joe Donnelly rejected a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass pro-growth tax cuts and help hard-working Hoosiers struggling to get ahead. Donnelly for years told us he supported tax reform, but when it came time to vote, he sided with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi instead of Hoosier families,” said Justin Steven, AFP-Indiana Director.

Donnelly spokesman  Wil Baskin-Gerwitz responded with the following,  “Joe tried time and again to work with Republicans to craft a tax bill that overwhelmingly helps working families and encourages companies to bring jobs back from foreign countries, but when Republicans crafted a purely partisan bill that does neither, Joe stood up for Indiana. Special interest ads from the out-of-state billionaires who wanted this legislation won’t change the fact that the McConnell tax plan will ultimately raise taxes on middle-class families to fund new tax breaks for people like the Kochs and the rest of the one percent who’ll make millions more in profits.”

Speaking of Donnelly and Trump,  we reported this week that Morning Consult has a new poll out showing Hoosiers are split on Trump’s performance, 48% approve,  and 47 percent disapprove.  That same organization showed  Donnelly with a 44% approval rating and 30% disapproval rating.  27% were either undecided or had no opinion.


Raise It for Health

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long is having a media availability this afternoon to “discuss important issues concerning the second half of session and beyond.”  That “and beyond” part led to some wild speculation at the Statehouse this morning that he might be announcing he’s stepping down.  We caught up with Long in the hallway and asked, he said “nope”.   So we’ll find out what the deal is at 1:15 p.m.

Sen-elect Brian Buchanan (R-Lebanon) this week became the state senator for Senate District 7 after taking the oath of office. He was sworn in by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush.

Muncie businessman Jonathan Lamb, running for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is touting a Monday endorsement by GOP challenger, Tom Ferkinhoff, who withdrew from the race.