One Indiana lawmaker is considering the possibility of offering up legislation that would change the state Constitution to allow for legalized marijuana under certain circumstances.

With Michicagn voters legalizing marijuana for recreational use and the new Governor-elect of Illinois supporting recreational marijuana,  Republican State Representative Jim Lucas, who is offering two bills to ease restrictions on marijuana says he is not above offering up an amendment to state Constitution to allow Hoosiers to use the product.

A study released today by the Ball State University showed 39 percent of respondents said marijuana should be legal for personal use, while 42 percent said it should be legal only for medicinal use. Only 16 percent said it should not be legal at all. If marijuana remains illegal, then only 16 percent said that people should serve jail time for possessing small amounts.

Lucas says he is introducing two bills on marijuana, one to allow it for medical purposes and the other would decriminalize possession of an ounce or less.

Lucas says legislation that would allow Hoosiers to amend the Constitution, which would take two cycles of the Indiana General Assembly, would give some lawmakers cover who might be uncertain on voting on legalization.

You can hear Lucas in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  Each segment is under 10 minutes.