Although the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed big leads for Donald Trump and Todd Young in their respective races, it also showed that incumbent Governor Mike Pence has some challenges down the road.

When asked whether voters approve or disapprove of the job Governor Pence is doing, it showed 43 percent approved, and 43 percent disapproved and 14 percent were unsure.

This is somewhat in line with a poll released by Howey Politics and WTHR last week which had the incumbent in a statistical tie with Democrat John Gregg, 49-45 with five percent undecided.

While the Governor has been able to tout successes such as lower unemployment, new job creation, more money for roads and infrastructure while cutting taxes, political experts tend to agree he has been wounded by his stands on social issues such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and the recent anti-abortion bill which banned all abortions based on race, gender and disability.

In the past, administration officials have told Indy Politics that they always knew the Governor would be in for a tough re-election fight, but they have always said he will have the resources to be competitive.

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