Although Indiana Governor Mike Pence is a considered to be a front runner in the race to be Donald Trump’s running mate, don’t expect Trump to make that announcement today while he is in Indianapolis.

Sources close to the vetting process tell Indy Politics to not be surprised if Trump does NOT name Pence as his V.P. during a fundraiser in downtown Indianapolis or at a  rally in Westfield.

The Governor has risen to the top of the list in part because of his executive and legislative experience, as well as his ties to social conservatives in the Republican Party.

Sources say Pence is still a front runner, however the Trump campaign is “operating on a bit of a different timeline”.

Pence, while walking with Indianapolis’ 10-Point Coalition Monday night downplayed any talk of him being Trump’s Vice-President, only saying he was looking to today’s rally.

State law would not allow Pence to run for Governor and Vice-President so he would have to withdraw his name from the ballot by Friday, July 15.

Trump has been using rallies such as the one planned in Indianapolis today to vet possible V.P. contenders including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.