Advocates for school choice say a new study reveals that choice programs have saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

According to the Ed Choice Foundation, the report generated by 40 different private school choice programs in 19 states and Washington, D.C. found the following…

  • The programs have generated significant savings worth between $12.4 billion and $27.7 billion, or up to $7,500 for each student participating in these programs. That is, for each dollar spent on these programs, taxpayers experience between about $2 to $3 in savings.
  • Educational choice programs overall enroll 2 percent of K-12 students and receive 1 percent of public K-12 funding. Despite arguments that choice will decimate or destroy public schools, the public school system remains the dominant provider of education and is funded at much greater expense than choice programs.
  • Average funding per student for educational choice programs is about two-thirds less than what public school districts receive for those same students ($5,000 vs. $14,000).

Indy Politics spoke with Marty Lueken, the study’s author.

You can hear him in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.

It runs for about 19 minutes.