Transportation, civil rights for the LBGT community and easier college credit transfers will be the top priorities of the group that represents the state’s business community.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce unveiled its 2016 legislative agenda Monday.

Chamber officials say the state should use a wide array of options to pay for roads and infrastructure; such as increasing the portion of the state sales tax on fuel sales that goes to roads, user fees and allowing local governments to use more of their own resources.

The Chamber also said it supported adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s civil rights code, something that will be one of the hot button issues next session.

And in the area of education, Chamber officials say they will continue to support the expansion of publicly-funded preschool initiatives as well as as increasing the number of college credits that are transferrable between Indiana’s two-year schools and traditional four-year institutions.

The State Chamber is also pushing for repealing the smokers’ bill of rights that limits an employer’s ability to decide not to hire a smoker, local government reform as well as a statewide policy when it comes to water usage.