The Indiana Chamber of Commerce  says its Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly at its annual fall meeting to support expanding the state’s civil rights law to include protection for sexual orientation and gender identity.

The  Board is comprised of more than 100 top business executives and civic leaders from throughout the state.

“We believe this expansion is a necessary action for the General Assembly to take,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “After the negative perception of our state generated by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in the spring, we need to get this right in order to secure the reputation of Indiana as a hospitable and welcoming place.

“The time has come for Indiana to expand protections against potential discrimination. This action will increase the state’s future business competitiveness in the recruitment, attraction and retention of talent, as well as enhance respect for all employers and employees. We encourage our state leaders to work together to take this next critical step.”

This comes at a time when a Ball State Survey shows 56 percent of Hoosiers want sexual orientation and gender identity added to the state’s civil rights code.