Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the budget Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is introducing Monday night to the Indianapolis City-County Council.

  1. Takes in $1,212,441,180 in revenue.

  2. Spends $1,212,268,739.

  3. Increases city fund balances by $171,441.

  4. $317 million of the city revenue is from property taxes, $354 million from incomes taxes.

  5. Sixty percent of the budget is public safety and criminal justice.

  6. $1.2 million set aside for police body cams if the city decides to purchase them.

  7. Two-percent average salary increase for IMPD and IFD.

  8. $500,000 to combat food insecurity, $300,000 for homelessness and $250,000 in additional crime prevention grant dollars.

  9. $118 million for roads, bridges and other infrastructure.  $31.5 million for storm water projects.

  10. Pays down $12 million long-term debt and adds about $1 million to the fiscal stability fund.