In the wake of a controversial video being circulated by the anti-abortion group called the Center for Medical Progress, Governor Mike Pence is calling for an investigation of Planned Parenthood.

The Center for Medical Progress has been circulating a video where a high-ranking official at Planned Parenthood reportedly talked about harvesting fetal organs because of the high demand.

Planned Parenthood says the video is a misrepresentation and was edited to paint the group in the worse possible light.

Pence today directed the Indiana State Department of Health to investigate Planned Parenthood facilities in Indiana in cooperation with the Office of the Indiana Attorney General to make sure the organization was in compliance with the law.

Here is the Governor’s statement…

“Every Hoosier should be deeply troubled by allegations that Planned Parenthood affiliates are engaged in the trafficking of human remains. If true, this is not only illegal, it is morally reprehensible. Under federal and state law, the buying or selling of human body parts is a felony and, as Governor, I have an obligation to make sure this is not happening in Indiana. For this reason, I have directed the Indiana State Department of Health to conduct an immediate investigation with the cooperation of the Office of the Attorney General of Indiana to determine whether Planned Parenthood affiliates in Indiana have engaged in any illegal activities with respect to the trafficking in or disposition of fetal tissue. Whatever one’s view on the issue of abortion, Hoosiers can be assured that we will make certain that this appalling practice is not taking place in Indiana.”