If  Indiana Governor Mike Pence doesn’t end up as Donald Trump’s Vice-Presidential pick, he’ll have a few bucks in his pocket to help him keep his current job.

Sources tell Indy Politics that the Governor will reports having $7.5 million in cash on hand for his re-election bid.

A check of campaign finance records shows  in June  Pence received about $354,000 in individual big contributions (those over $10,000) and the Republican Governors Association bought nearly $855,000 in advertising on his behalf.

Democrat John Gregg raised about $750,000 in big contributions, about $350,000 of that came from the Democratic Governors Association.  Teachers and labor unions gave him about $225,000.  Lieutenant Governor candidate Christina Hale gave the $50,000 that was in her account.

And Gregg received about $180,000 in individual contributions.