The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police is offering up suggestions to improve police-community relations in the wake of the Merit Board decision to reinstate two police officers who shot and killed Aaron Bailey after a high-speed chase.

FOP President Rick Snyder calls it the “Comply Now/Complain Later” campaign.

The recommendations include…

  1. A public information campaign to educate citizens on police interactions.
  2. Introducing legislation requiring the BMV to incorporate training and safe practices when intervening with law enforcement during traffic stops, vehicle crashes, and other encounters.
  3. Calling upon educators to develop lesson plans on dealing with police when it comes to driver’s ed.
  4. Work with clergy to educate the public on citizens rights and responsibilities during police interactions.

Snyder says the FOP will donate up to $25,000 of its own funds to help get these efforts off the ground.

You can hear Snyder in the Leon-Tailored audio above.


Photo: RTV 6