Another candidate is getting in the race to replace 6th District Congressman Luke Messer who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Muncie businessman and entrepreneur, Jonathan Lamb, announced today that he is running for Congress.

Lamb is the owner of OptoeV, INC, a provider of US Patent Pending battery powered electric farm equipment.

“Washington, DC is failing the American people and Indiana families. Special interests and career politicians are pushing bad policies without any real-world experience in running businesses or creating jobs,” stated Lamb.

“As an entrepreneur, I have experienced success and failure. I know the struggles of starting a business and how difficult it is to not only create jobs and grow a company but just to make ends meet in our current political environment. We don’t need policies that are centered around handing out jobs and subsidies, but rather policies centered around creating opportunities for people and businesses to thrive.”

Lamb is the second Republican candidate to declare he is running.  State Senator Mike Crider of Greenfield announced last week he was getting in the race.