When it comes to fundraising on the Indianapolis City-County Council, the leaders of the pack were also the leaders on the Council.

According to reports filed with the Marion County Election Board, Council President Vop Osili raised more than $74,000 and had more than $70,000 in cash on hand in 2018.

However, it was Minority Leader Mike McQuillen who had the most cash on hand at more than $74,000 and he raised just over $55,000.

Council Vice-President Zach Adamson raised over $23,000 and had $41,000 in the bank.

Also topping out the list when it came to money in the bank for re-election were Democrats Blake Johnson with nearly $16,000 in cash on hand, Maggie Lewis at $13586 and Republican Colleen Fanning with more than $9,100 in the bank.

Coming in last in fundraising was former Council President Stephen Clay.  He started the year with a campaign debt of $3,300 and finished with -$3,750.