The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the subsidies provided for in the Affordable Care Act is drawing mixed reaction from across the State.

The Court ruled 6-3 that taxpayer subsidies to pay for health coverage in state’s that did not have state exchanges was constitutional, even though it was not expressly spelled out in the statute.  ACA supporters say had that subsidy been ruled unconstitutional it would have made insurance unaffordable for millions of Americans.

Here is some of the reaction…

Indiana Governor Mike Pence

  • “The Supreme Court’s ruling in King v. Burwell is profoundly disappointing to me and every Hoosier who had hoped this ruling would give our nation the opportunity to start over on health care reform.   Today’s display of judicial activism by the Supreme Court upholds this deeply flawed law to the detriment of millions of Hoosiers who will continue to be subject to the mandates and taxes in Obamacare.   ObamaCare must be repealed and states must be given the flexibility to craft market-based solutions focused on lowering the cost of health care rather than growing the size of government.   It now falls to the American people to elect new leadership in Washington, D.C. so we can repeal ObamaCare and start over with health care reform based on personal responsibility and consumer choice rather than government mandates and taxes. Indiana will continue to be a leading voice in advancing those principles in the national debate.”

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller

  • Today’s ruling by the United States Supreme Court in the King v. Burwell case will allow IRS tax credits for insurance enrollees under the Affordable Care Act to continue. The Supreme Court’s decision ruling will help answer some but not all of the issues in a separate lawsuit that state government and 39 public school corporations filed against the IRS.   The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled 6-3 in King v. Burwell that the Internal Revenue Service was within its legal authority to interpret the Affordable Care Act as it did. Despite the wording of the statute that appeared to limit ACA tax credit subsidies and employer-mandate tax penalties only to the states that operate insurance-purchasing exchanges, the Supreme Court held that the IRS can apply them in 34 states such as Indiana that opted against establishing exchanges, where instead the federal government operates one.   “Our State’s aim has never been to cancel IRS tax credit subsidies for our citizens. But it is vitally important to ensure the national health care system is based on a firm legal and constitutional foundation,” Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said.   “Whether the IRS exceeded the authority Congress granted was a significant legal question that only the Supreme Court could answer with finality. The Court has ruled the ACA will be interpreted to allow IRS tax credits – and consequently, the tax penalties of the employer mandate – even in states that do not operate their own exchanges. Though many will disagree with this outcome given the plain text of the statute, we all must respect the Court’s ruling,” added Indiana Solicitor General Thomas M. Fisher, who is assigned the State’s lawsuit against the IRS.   The Attorney General’s Office is reviewing today’s Supreme Court ruling and will confer with its clients in the executive branch and the State Personnel Department as to the impact of the King v. Burwell ruling on state government.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody

  • “Today, many Hoosiers can breathe easier knowing they will not lose the health care coverage they depend on each day. The Supreme Court’s opinion on King v. Burwell reaffirms what we already know – commonsense ideas that improve the lives of everyday folks, including Hoosiers, will always win. The fact is, the Affordable Care Act solves many of the problems Hoosiers faced when they tried to obtain quality and affordable health insurance. Whether it was a preexisting condition, a person’s age, or access to affordable prescription drugs, many families were one bad stroke of luck from crippling debt, bankruptcy, or worse. Fortunately, access to affordable healthcare will continue, and it’s my hope that those who refused to give up the fight of denying coverage to those who need it will now come to the table to work on commonsense solutions that will unite and improve the lives of our hardworking American families. This includes Governor Pence – for he has wasted taxpayer money for over five years as a congressman and now as Indiana’s governor fighting a law that’s proven to be constitutional in the United States. Any other course of action now is simply unacceptable to Hoosiers.”

U.S. Senator Dan Coats

  • “I am deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has decided in favor of the terribly flawed Obamacare law. Millions of Americans will now be forced to continue under a poorly-written and poorly-executed law that is not working for the overwhelming majority of Hoosiers. The law’s continued unpopularity is testament to what it has meant for most American families – rising premiums, higher costs and decreased choices. It is now clear that it will take a new occupant of the White House to repeal and replace Obamacare. I will continue the fight to work on real health care solutions that lower costs, increase coverage and put patients in charge of their own health care decisions.”

Doug Leonard, Indiana Hospital Association

  • “Indiana hospitals are breathing a collective sigh of relief with today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Hundreds of thousands of our patients with moderate to lower incomes will continue to have access to tax credits and subsidies that make health coverage affordable. Our members look forward to continuing the statewide effort of connecting the uninsured with options through HIP 2.0 and the federal Marketplace. As more individuals gain the security of health coverage, Indiana will reap the benefits of a healthier workforce and population.”

Luke Messer, Congressman (6th CD)

  • “I’m disappointed in today’s ruling.  The Supreme Court has chosen to ignore what the law clearly says. Despite today’s decision, my focus will continue to be on the Hoosiers hurt by the President’s broken health care law.  I’m committed to championing solutions that empower patients and will make quality health care more accessible and affordable for everyone.”

Caitlin Priest, Covering Kids and Families of Indiana

  • “This was a debate that took place in DC but that had profound impact on the nearly 200,000 Hoosiers who receive subsidies to pay for their ACA Marketplace health plans.  Our enrollment staff has seen first-hand how important the Affordable Care Act is to these families, and today’s ruling means that we can continue our work toward achieving a culture of coverage in Indiana.”